If you want to be ahead of the crowd, observe what the crowd is doing and do the opposite.

In a world where the smartphone is the go-to device for planning, pick up an #analogue planner and WRITE IT DOWN!

We are perpetually thrust into conforming around the world's schedule, those of us caught living in the hedonistic world. We imbue our lives with to-do lists, pilates schedules, work routines, hydrating events and various time mismanagement set-ups, overcomplicating our lives by overspending money generated from overworking, paying the bills that allow us to further, complicate our lives. Why not just press the "pause" button? Why wait until we are sick or exhausted? Get off that train now! 




"Create Your First-Class Lifestyle" by Karine Tovmassian



"How to transition from the military without throat-punching anyone in the process" by Karine Tovmassian

Transitioning is a process. You don't wake up one day and say, "Ok, let's start civilian-ing." It doesn't work that way, hero. Try as you might, there is still a massive warrior inside of you, just dying to knife-hand someone. This is a good thing.