Sometimes all we need is a plan.

Since 2006 I have helped thousands of military and law enforcement veterans find their way through the darkness, going from "What do I do now?" to "I love the life I created." We all deserve to live in a state of grace and ease. Here at Plannerology you can create a plan for living a deliberately-curated life. We get down to the essence of "you" here by:

  1. Developing Personal Mission Statements
  2. Defining goals that align with your purpose in life
  3. Grounding yourself in your purpose or reigniting your passion for your purpose
  4. Using your planner as a playbook for your life
  5. Taking control of all the moving bits around you
  6. Making choices that push you forward in your goal success
  7. Assessing and organizing the paper dragon
  8. Curating (editing) the parts of your life that don't serve you anymore
  9. Establishing routines to enhance your wellbeing
  10. Creating a life purpose altogether yours


Plannerology serves everyone who is looking to make peace in all the moving parts of daily living and develop a sense of calm + order created by using a paper planner. Digital should support analogue to allow for a greater human experience.


Plannerology is fully grounded in the knowing that a deliberate life requires curating for posterity; Writing things down in a planner helps track successes, nurtures mindfulness and helps develops solutions to intentional living, creating a first-class lifestyle within wrinkly planner pages. 

Our Actions + Results

  • Supported the successful transition from military to civilian life of more than 3000 veterans.
  • Created a system by which people, who couldn't see a future for themselves, are now thriving in a purpose-driven life.
  • Given task, purpose and meaning to life after a major life shift to people who couldn't find "the answer".
  • Broadcast and co-hosted the first ever planner podcast, "The HitchHiker's Guide To The Plannerverse."
  • Given live, interactive speeches about the value of creating a "First-Class Lifestyle" to diverse audiences
  • Listened to and helped countless of individuals who were stuck in vicious cycle of buying and selling planners, without effectively ever using one to pick one planner and successfully use it!

“Karine was so knowledgeable! Every word from her was like pieces of gold. You’ll not find anyone better to present!”
— U.S. Veteran
“One of the best presenters/speakers I have ever heard in my life.”
— U.S. Veteran
“Karine is absolutely outstanding with delivery of the training. Her tips and techniques are spot on, and her methods of delivery kept me focused and made the entire group respond in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.”
— U.S. Veteran
“Mrs. Tovmassian is awesome! If I could put her in my pocket and take her home with me I would.”
— U.S. Veteran
Karine Tovmassian is an extremely talented presenter and public speaker; she is able to relay information in a way that reaches audiences that is unlike anyone that I have ever seen.
— Vanessa Ann Anderson